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Sepco 704 Oil Rig North Sea

While figuring out my honey moon plans back in the late 70's. My friend Bill Blakeman was an engineer on one of the oil rigs in the vicious North Sea, near the artic circle. He talked me into visiting him. I decided that this could be the trip of a life time visiting Europe and staying with Bill in Aberdeen Scotland. We had such a great time, even when the ex wrecked the rent a car, while driving on the opposite side she avoided a country spring lamb and scraped the entire side of the car on a stone fence. ouch I still am figuring out what possessed me to work on an oil platform, I guess it was the adventure in me at the time. SOOOO I went down to the catering division who serviced the rig, and the 7ft cowboy hat wearing, alligator skin boots tool pusher manager told me to be at the airport on Monday and catch the plane to Norway. He would take care of the rest, (paper, immigration etc). I would be working the 8pm-8am shift.

one day the tool pusher beckoned me to his office where he asked me if I was crazy. I told him I resembled that remark. he asked me if I knew my audience? who I was feeding, I said in a sarcastic tone "of course I do" why? well he said what do I put in my porridge this morning and last week? I explained the usual suspects like "raisins, brown sugar, honey milk"

the tool pusher then schooled me on how Scots, Brits, and Europeans like there porridge. with salt and water only. and he finished by saying that If I wanted to continue to be in one shape when I left the rig, I better figure out how to make prorage. "lesson learned? know your customer.

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