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Chef Tony Biggs Signature Grill Series

There is nothing like cooking primitively: With fire and meat. After Chef Tony discovered the magic of this kind of cooking, he wanted to find a way for others to experience this primitive style of cooking for themselves.

Chef Tony made a splash at an event in the Grand Caymans in 2016. From that masterful culinary exposition, he and NorCal Ovenworks entered into an affiliation to bring the joy of primitive cooking to people like you.

Tony Biggs Churrasco Sword Pkg

A set of 4 48" primitive churrasco swords with wooden handles and anti-slide hooks, a Dutch oven stand to support the swords, a drip pan to build the fire in and catch grease, and a 32" X 11" grill grate which also hangs from the Dutch oven stand.


These have been assembled into a single package for when chefs want to duplicate the stunning cooking exhibition that Chef Tony Biggs, Executive Chef at Certified Angus Beef delivered at Grand Cayman 2016, and again at the Certified Angus Beef Annual meeting in September 2016.


To learn more or to purchase, click here.

Tony Biggs Exhibition Firetable System

The Tony Biggs Exhibition Firetable System is based on a 63X36” Portable Firetable that is meant to be lined with 9X4.5X1.25 split firebricks. The firetable is equipped with 6 brackets that accept racks for hanging meats and chickens, and racks to support swords and a hanging grill grate. Learn more about the system or purchase it here.

Come back to see when more items are added to this line.

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