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9 Ball Champion Of The World

One blistery and full moon night at Fort Ilocandia Resort and Casino located in Laoag Philippines. The sheriff walked in and agreed to play 10 contestants. I would be the 10th player and the last of the night. Madam Imelda Marcos was in attendance rooting the sheriff on. A standing room audience was in attendance in Boss Jax bar.

The sheriff was very fair in letting all of the contestants break first, like this was going to be a huge advantage. The players before me broke, and the sheriff took over and cleaned house sinking all 9 balls.

Please note while drinking crown royal.

finally it was my turn. The sheriff shook my hand, we did a shot together like in the old wild west, and I began my heavy anxiety breathing lining up my break.

I broke and sank nothing on the break. All in attendance clapped and the Sherriff began his execution of me. sinking all. EXCEPT EXCEPT EXCEPT.


AS the sheriff eyed the supposed last shot of the evening, he took one more shot of crown, toasted me to the roar of the audience and WHAT MISSED THE 9 BALL.

Here is was left with one shot and one shot only, lets recap, full moon, Imelda Marcos to my right, a packed Philippine entourage, and the American from Bean town. Pressure what pressure

I then grabbed that bottle of crown, took my last shot and eyed my plan. 9 ball in upper left hand corner.

see picture below.

Silence could be heard all over the Philippines. Not one person cheered, not even an ata boy.

I beat Efren Bata Reyes (9 ball champion of the world) on a one and take all match. and made that shot.

Could I do it again? I don't think so.

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